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The aim of our scheme is to provide safe, progressive, fun water polo sessions to children of all ages. We work in partnership with Scottish Swimming and the International School, Aberdeen to provide quality sessions in a quality environment.

Aberdeen ASC Water Polo offers a range of training opportunities for swimmers interested in playing competitive Water Polo. Players are encouraged to attend 2 Water Polo specific session/week, plus at least 1 Swimming session/week to work on fitness.


Players who are not already SASA registered through a swimming club should join Aberdeen ASC as their 1st claim club, with Water Polo as their main discipline. Aberdeen ASC annual membership is £20 and SASA annual membership is currently £43. There is a reduction for starting mid-year for both SASA and Aberdeen ASC membership. Players who are already SASA registered with another club should join Aberdeen as their 2nd claim club and they will only have to pay the Aberdeen ASC annual membership of £20.


In order for the Water Polo programme to be a success, we do need volunteer support. Any parent or older player willing to help out will be welcome. Roles include coaching, technical officials and team managers. Your feedback will also be appreciated.


Players will be sent information about kit soon. Players training at ISA must wear a swimming cap. Please, order your kit using the form below.

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We are currently working on a competition schedule and this will be sent out when details are finalised. Younger swimmers, who do not meet the criteria for entry to the Club Water Polo, are encouraged to do Club Ready Polo at with ASV or Sport Aberdeen.


Our news

Water Polo Taster Session, Friday 1st February 2019


Swim Skill 4 and Club Ready swimmers & Water Polo Ready players in Aberdeen are invited to a Water Polo taster session. This is an opportunity to try out this sport, without any commitment. The taster session is free.

In Aberdeen, there are Club Ready Water Polo sessions, feeding into the Water Polo Club, so if you come along and enjoy this taster session, ask for more details about Club Ready Water Polo or the Water Polo Club.


Aquatics Centre Aberdeen Sports Village AB24 1SX

Time: 18.45-19.30

Age Groups:

Swim Skills 4 and Club Ready Swimmers


  • To introduce/develop Water Polo skillsTo have fun playing Water Polo games
  • To explain the Water Polo pathway in Aberdeen
  • To identify players who may want to join the Water Polo club

Enquiries or Note interest:

Aberdeen ASC LTS Alison: Email

ASV LTS Nikki: Email

Sport Aberdeen LTS Aquatics Team: Email



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